There is a fine line between manufacturing a medicine and selling an aid, and we understand it!


Coldef-P Suspension






Chespod 200DT

CHESPOD-50MG Dry-Syrup

Reviresco Pharmaceuticals is an ethical medical drugs and formulae manufacturer with the sole aim of eradicating disease and sickness through providing better medicines and targeted information services to healthcare provider setups, including physicians. As a company, our vision is to ensure that no patient is denied access to affordable and quality medicinal support. Reviresco Pharmaceuticals' product line includes more than 30 specialty formulations, being produced since 2009 as a result of dedicated efforts of experienced and distinguished professionals having more than two decades of experience in pharmacology, pharmaceutical production, and distribution. The company operates out of its registered office in Delhi city with a manufacturing unit setup as well. Over the past decade and more, Reviresco Pharmaceuticals has built a strong presence for itself in the Indian market.

  • We are renowned for making affordable, world-class medicines and have a reputation for uncompromising quality standards across India. Reviresco Pharmaceuticals is a place where we are learning every day, building our careers and pursuing our passion. We want everyone at Reviresco Pharmaceuticals to reach their potential, further their careers and make their mark. At Reviresco Pharmaceuticals we do not just give you a job, we take pride in helping you build a career for yourself by giving you opportunities to learn, perform and grow.Lifelong learning and development opportunities are part of our strategy and are an integral part of being an employer of choice. We believe that career opportunities include a wide range of activities, experiences and roles that promote meaningful learning and growth.

  • Our values of innovation, integrity and accountability drive everything we do. At Reviresco Pharmaceuticals , we aim to provide a work environment where our employees are encouraged to build their careers and pursue their passion. We employ people who have been handpicked for not just their knowledge and experience but their zeal to make a difference to the world of healthcare. We share a passion for innovation, as well as compassion for the patients around the world who are in need of our medicines. We use our enthusiasm and energy to find new and innovative approaches so we can deliver solutions to meet the current and future needs of patients. By providing everyone with the opportunity for career development, we ensure the growth and sustainability of our single largest investment – our employees – and, in turn, the success of our organization.

  • To continue our success as a leading and innovative company, we are constantly looking for the talents of today and tomorrow. Our strategy involves acquiring new products and product candidates, and companies that will drive our portfolio in key therapeutic areas. We all dream of doing big things, solving important problems, making a difference and improving lives. At Reviresco Pharmaceuticals, we have the resources, vision and passion to transform these dreams into reality. Our employees are dedicated to helping people around the world live healthy and meaningful lives If you share our values of integrity, commitment, care and passion, submit your application below.